O-town Mama (gator_mom) wrote in christmascrafts,
O-town Mama

So, I was wondering...

what did *YOU* make last year for gifts (in other words, what ideas can I steal from you brilliant ladies this year)? ;)

I stalked the WC thread and made the following:

* herb post w/ chalk (around the brim)
* dry rubs for meats (packaged in those little silver containers - was very well received)
* greeting cards (a complete stationary set for my mom and MIL)
* Christmas stockings (for my sister's dogs)
* tree ornaments (actually, DD and I did that together... they came out very messy/cute as she was only 22mo. old)
* bird house (painted for FIL)
* limoncello (made w/ Rocco's recipe from food.com... used Everclear - whoo boy... packs a punch!)

... hmmm - can't remember what else and not sure I'll do that much this year as DD is now quite a handful and I'm pregnant w/ a Christmas baby, so we'll see how I feel.
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