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Are You Making Anything for Christmas?
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Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in Ideas and crafts to make as Christmas gifts' LiveJournal:

Sunday, August 28th, 2005
8:24 am
So, I was wondering...
what did *YOU* make last year for gifts (in other words, what ideas can I steal from you brilliant ladies this year)? ;)

I stalked the WC thread and made the following:

* herb post w/ chalk (around the brim)
* dry rubs for meats (packaged in those little silver containers - was very well received)
* greeting cards (a complete stationary set for my mom and MIL)
* Christmas stockings (for my sister's dogs)
* tree ornaments (actually, DD and I did that together... they came out very messy/cute as she was only 22mo. old)
* bird house (painted for FIL)
* limoncello (made w/ Rocco's recipe from food.com... used Everclear - whoo boy... packs a punch!)

... hmmm - can't remember what else and not sure I'll do that much this year as DD is now quite a handful and I'm pregnant w/ a Christmas baby, so we'll see how I feel.
Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005
9:42 pm
Oh, I forgot to mention that when I go on craft searching sprees...well, I go on sprees. I'm probably making everyon's friend's page go insane. I'll start putting things behind a cut :)

Beach towel with a pocketCollapse )
9:38 pm
This would make a great coworker gift.
And, if you are like me, and have about 45 to give between your office and your husbands...you need a not so expensive thing to do.

Popcorn Parfait

A festive take on a timeless treat is easy to achieve with the right ingredients. Popcorn kernels are hard and slick, so traditional grocery store food coloring will bead up on contact and not stick to the kernels and make a big mess. Instead, use icing tint by Wilton. Its thick consistency will “grab” the kernels and set for a fun colorful look.

Unpopped Popcorn kernels
Wilton icing tint
Zip lock baggie
Wax paper
Butter knife
Brown paper lunch sack
Pour kernels into zip lock bag. Dip the tip of a butter knife into the tint and smear the color on the inside on the bag. A little goes a long way! Too much color will make the kernels too wet and they will stick to the inside of the bag. You can play with ratios until you find the vividness of color to your liking. Seal the bag and shake, rubbing the bag between your palms to evenly distribute the color. Shake onto wax paper and spread out with a spatula. Let set for several hours. The color may remain somewhat tacky, so try not the handle. Use a funnel to layer into glass bottles.

To Pop:
Place 1/4 cup kernels in a brown paper sack. Fold down the top 3 times to secure. Place in your microwave and pop on high for about 1 minute 45 seconds or until frequency between pops in longer than 2 seconds. Microwave cook times will vary. Corn will be white with specks of subtle color. Yields about 5 cups of cooked popcorn.
9:32 pm
Beaded Flowers
I LOVE beaded flowers. I've made several gifts with them for people who are hard to otherwise shop for (ok, admittedly, older family members). Crate and Barrel almost always has inexpensive, small vases. I've used those to make small bouquets of beaded flowers.

Here's the link: http://www.joann.com/content/projects/projectsDisplay.jhtml?articlePath=%2Fcontent%2Fprojects%2Fstatic%2Fnew%2Fbeaded_flowers.jhtml&CATID=25284

This site has some free patterns, IIRC: http://beadedflowers.tripod.com/international/index.htm
9:27 pm
Fast and Fun Photo Ornaments

Photo Ornaments: Buttons & Holly

Decorate your tree with your favorite faces in fun photo ornaments. Great for package accents, too!


Unfinished wood frame ornament
Gold acrylic paint
Green & tan cardstock
Red buttons
Aleene's™ Paper Glaze
Tag (Paper Bliss)
Black marker
Watercolor marker
Spray gloss varnish
Alphabet stamp & ink pad (optional)

Hot glue gun & glue

Take frame apart & remove ribbon. Paint frame. When dry, spray with gloss varnish.

Draw & cut holly leaves (3 large, 1 small) from green cardstock. Outline each with black marker.

Stamp or print "MOM" on tan cardstock & cut into small squares. Mount on green squares that are slightly larger. Glue to tag. Edge tag with watercolor marker.

Apply a heavy coat of Aleene's™ Paper Glaze to holly leaves & MOM squares. Let dry overnight.

Hot glue leaves, buttons & tag to frame. Re-tie ribbon to frame & insert photo.

Photo Ornaments: Tag Ornament

Use these cute tags individually or mount them together for a fun family photo story!


Cardstock - white & burgundy
1 pkg. Favorite Findings Buttons
1 pkg. Creative Tags
Assorted color eyelets
Perle cotton thread - burgundy, green, gold

Glue gun & glue
Hole punch (small)
Button shank remover

Computer generate (or print) names & sentiments on white cardstock. Trim to fit project. Mount "HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM THREE GENERATIONS" & "AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR TOO!" on burgundy cardstock. Glue buttons to Happy Holidays tag & slide green thread through button shank. Trim shanks from two buttons with the shank remover. Glue buttons to Happy New Year strip. Set aside.

Large tags: Punch small holes around edge & stitch with contrasting pearl cotton. Glue name at bottom of tag.

Small tags: Trim 3 tags to fit within stitching of large tags. Glue on photos & names. Punch holes around edges of small tags & stitch with contrasting pearl cotton. Glue onto large tags & insert thread through holes of large tag.

Lay tags & sentiment on white cardstock to determine size needed. Mount white cardstock on slightly larger burgundy cardstock & insert 3 eyelets for tags & 4 eyelets in top corners for hanging. Glue tags to cardstock, threading pearl cotton thread through eyelets & gluing on back of card.

Thread hanger through corner eyelets & tie in back of card. Glue Happy New Year strip to bottom of card.

Embellish each tag with 2 buttons that have pearl cotton bows.

Photo Ornaments: Button Ornaments

Make your favorite photos into ornaments and gift accents that are cute as a button.


Santa's Workbench® beaded oval frame
Assorted buttons
Embroidery floss: red, silver
Red cardstock
Aleene's™ Paper Glaze brush
Black marker

Hot glue gun & glue sticks
Small paper punch

Cut out a tag from red cardstock. Write name with marker. Punch small holes along edge & stitch with silver floss. Brush on a thin coat of Aleene's™ Paper Glaze. Let dry.

String silver and red floss through a variety of buttons and tie in bows or simple knots.

Glue buttons to frame as desired. Glue tag to frame and embellish with buttons. Insert photo.

Note: All styles may be personalized with phrases and themes as desired.

Approximate Crafting Time: 3 hrs. to complete all
Skill Level: No experience necessary.
9:07 pm
And the 80's make a comeback!
I'm so totally making these as stocking stuffers...heehee

There's something a little more colorful in the twirls, spins and kicks when a dancer wears these!


1/3 yard of fleece
10" of 1/4" elastic

Cut two pieces of fleece 9" x 10".

Fold each piece in half lengthwise. Measure down 2" from top on fold; cut diagonally from top edge to 2" mark on fold.

Cut two 5" pieces of 1/4" elastic. Place elastic on long edge; using a wide zigzag stitch, secure end of elastic to top then stretch elastic to bottom and sew in place.

Measure down approximately 3/4" from top behind elastic and make a small (3/4" - 1") slit for your little finger. Elastic seam sits on top of hand and arm.
Embellishment Possibilities:

"Fun Fur": twist, braid, or crochet fun fur and secure to top edge.

Buttons: Sew or glue on as desired.

Beads: Randomly sew beads on, or create designs with beads.

Appliqués: Purchase iron-on appliqués and place on as desired.

Skill Level: No experience necessary.
Approximate Crafting Time: 1 hour.
Monday, August 22nd, 2005
2:10 pm
12:03 pm
I've always loved these Photo Sculptures -

but would like to see if I can figure out how to make them myself.
1. Print Photo (Action, clear, ...)
2. Need to adhere photo to Foam Board and then cut out image.
3. Cut out the interesting subject (usually person and any important object attached.
4. ?? Something to protect image? (Decopage coating? Acrylic?)
5. Attach to base

Any ideas would be appreciated.
11:09 am
Photo Transfer onto Fabric - Pillows, Quilts
Create a personal pillow or quilt using transer paper to put the image onto fabric.

I think I'm going to do something like this for my mom this year.
Saturday, August 20th, 2005
8:54 am

There were four threads originally.  I can't find I and II, but here is III, IV, and someone started a V

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